Understanding Cloud Computing Dimensions

The Proto Connecticut ACM Chapter is proud to announce their August general meeting on Monday August 26th at 5:30 pm. You DO NOT have to be an ACM member to attend.


Date: Monday August 26, 2013
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: CCAT East Hartford
222 Pitkin St. East Hartford, CT (near 84/91 interchange)


“The convergence of cloud and the exponential rise in data are creating unprecedented opportunities for IT professionals, but also is leading to an ever-increasing knowledge and skills gap in the IT industry. ” This gap will only be filled as the definitions of cloud computing are solidified and widely understood. There is much confusion over what cloud computing is, and how to define it. This presentation will use technical history, combined with the attributes and definitions of major players in the cloud industry and NIST to describe a unified definition of cloud computing.

The cloud is defined by three dimensions: essential characteristics, service models, and deployment models. All cloud deployments are defined by these dimensions. These create an ecosystem under which cloud service and data providers operate. The location of a cloud (on premise or off premise) does not define the deployment (public/private/hybrid/community) but rather the level of access and type of deployment do – this distinction will be clarified.

About the Speaker

Dr. Gendron has over 30 years of industry and academic experience in information systems. He has held positions such as CIO for a large health maintenance organization, and as a research analyst for a state health department. He holds his Ph.D. in Information Science with specializations in Information Decision Systems and Health Policy and Management from the State University of New York at Albany.

Dr. Gendron has recently published two books: Business Driven Data Communications (c) 2013 and Business Intelligence Applied: Building Effective Information and Communications Infrastructure (c) 2012. A third book on Cloud Strategy is in process.

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