2013-2014 Nominations for Officers

The Greater Hartford ACM Chapter is seeking nominations for the following offices; Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer/Secretary. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please use the comment section and indicate whom you are nominating and for which position. Voting will take place in July after our next general meeting. Below are a listing of the officer duties…

Here are the Officer duties from (http://www.acm.org/chapters/professionals/toolkit/officers-resp)

The Chapter Chair

The chapter Chairperson has the overall responsibility for developing chapter programs, for ensuring that plans and assignments are carried out, and for seeing that the chapter fulfills its obligations to the Association. The Chairperson should be familiar with the policies and procedures of the Association, with the chapter’s bylaws, and with the duties of all the other chapter officers and committee chairpersons.

The newly-elected Chairperson should schedule an executive committee meeting which includes the outgoing officers as well. At that time, the Chairperson may want to schedule executive council meetings for the entire year. Keep in mind the advantages of scheduling the meeting at the same time each month.

Before getting too far along in the chapter’s year, the Chairperson should do the following: appoint or establish nominating committee according to bylaws for next year’s elections; communicate activities of the chapter to the local membership (many chapter chairpersons write a column in the chapter newsletter); set audit procedures in motion at year end for financial records turnover; and plan a budget with the chapter Treasurer, to be reviewed and approved by the entire executive council.

If the chapter’s area includes other local ACM groups, the Chairperson should contact the appropriate chairpersons and suggest a meeting. At the meeting, the chairpersons should discuss the possibilities for cooperative efforts, such as joint meetings, reciprocal advertising agreements, the sharing of membership lists, and planning of lecture tours. They should also discuss meeting times to ensure that one group’s meetings do not conflict with meetings of other ACM chapters in the area.

One of the most important duties of the chapter Chairperson is finding enthusiastic and qualified members to serve as committee chairpersons. The Chairperson should strive to bring new people into the committee structure to provide training for future chapter leaders. The job of chapter chairperson will be much more enjoyable and (much less exhausting) once responsible and reliable volunteers are found to take on various duties. It is strongly recommended that the chapter chairperson take the time at general meetings to acknowledge those chapter volunteers whose help has been valuable. This positive feedback and public recognition of good works is often just the encouragement an active volunteer needs to commit to a longer-term leadership position in the chapter in future years.

The Chapter Vice Chair

The chapter Vice Chairperson should be prepared to assume the office of Chairperson or temporarily act in that position at any time. The Vice Chairperson should be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson, and of the other elected officers and committee chairpersons.

The Vice Chairperson can be an integral component of the chapter’s operation. In most cases, the Vice Chairperson is responsible for overseeing the activities and progress of the various committee and chapter programs.

The Chapter Treasurer and Secretary

The chapter’s financial management and operation are of great importance to the Association. The chapter Treasurer is responsible for the fiscal operation and reporting of the chapter, and of all committees and programs established by the chapter.

Upon assuming office, it is recommended that the Treasurer notify banks of signature change on accounts and verify that the ACM Chief Operating Officer has signature authority on all bank accounts.

The ongoing responsibilities of the chapter treasurer include:
1. Maintaining all chapter financial records and chapter checkbook;
2. Collecting money at meetings if applicable;
3. Filing mandatory annual financial report with headquarters;
4. Supplying appropriate budget report to the executive board of the chapter;
5. Reporting financial status to chapter;
6. Coordinating membership procedure and fee with membership chairperson.

The ongoing responsibilities of the Chapter Secretary include:
1. Informing ACM Headquarters of the names and contact information of new officers and providing headquarters with updated membership lists;
2. Sending agenda to board members for executive board meetings and recording the minutes of such meetings;
3. Handling all chapter correspondence on a timely basis;
4. Maintaining chapter files for historical purposes;
5. Corresponding with headquarters regarding changes to the chapter’s bylaws.

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